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5 Winter Crafts for Your Kids

We love a good fall-inspired family craft, don't you? These crafts are easy to do with the materials around your home.

We welcome you to try one of these crafts at home & share with us how it went. Or join us for live crafts throughout November. You can find our schedule of free events below.

1. Tissue Paper Ornament from The Craft at Home Family - We are here for quick and easy crafts. Right?! This one only requires the things you probably already have on hand which is a major plus. Grab some construction paper, tissue paper, and glue and you're good to go!

2. Tissue Paper Snowman from Easy Crafts for Kids - Another quick and easy setup craft that can keep your little ones occupied for quite a while! Great for when it's just a little bit too cold to play outside!

3. Tissue Paper Wreath from Toddler at Play - Looking for an easy, recycled craft this Christmas? Look no more, these Tissue Paper Wreaths are sweet and festive. All you need is a piece of cardboard, tissue paper, glue, and ribbon. Customize and personalize these wreaths by choosing different ribbons! Plus add your own touch by adding red, green, and white pom-poms right onto the wreath!

4. Tissue Paper Snowflake from The Pinterested Parent - This craft is a fun and different way to use tissue paper that you have on hand to keep those kiddos busy over winter break! Great for little ones who love to draw!

5. Tissue Paper Christmas Trees fromThe Creatives Hour - Be sure to add the Tissue Paper Winter Trees Art Project to your list of winter crafts for kids this season. You can easily use up your leftover tissue paper and let your kids get creative as they make winter tree art. This is an inexpensive way to keep kids busy during snow days or cold weekends. You will love watching as they learn to how to make tissue paper art for you to hang up around the house this winter.

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