5 Healthy Resolutions That Will Stick

The new year is a great time to reflect on your goals and implement new healthy habits. However, let’s face it, resolutions have a reputation for being a waste of time; and for the most part, big drastic changes are a waste of effort because they are not sustainable.

We are sure you have heard to try one or two small, easy, incremental changes for sustainable well-being, but just where should you begin? Today, let’s chat about 5 healthy resolutions you can make stick in 2022!

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

While there is not a big difference in the amount of sleep people get, a recent poll reports that people who make their beds each morning are more confident, less groggy, and can wake up without an alarm each morning. Bonus: bed-makers also have more sex on a weekly basis.

2. Take Cold Showers

A study in the Netherlands reports that people who finish their showers with a cold blast use 30% fewer sick days & report more energy than those who didn’t. That doesn’t sound too inviting, especially right now in the middle of winter, but who can complain about feeling more energetic throughout your day? Great news: Thirty seconds is all you need! The research shows that a 30-second blast of cold water is just as effective as a 90-second one. Most researchers agree that this cold blast of water has a neuroendocrine effect on our bodies and 30-second cold showers can activate our brown fat to keep our bodies warm (which can burn calories).

3. Add Strength Training to Your Routine

Studies show that strength training can actually reduce anxiety! Who doesn’t need a little less stress in their daily lives, especially us mamas! Studies also show that you don’t need to dedicate an entire morning to your fitness routine; just move more throughout your day with short movement breaks & choose to exercise with your support community. Also, you don’t have to focus on a full hour of just strength training; you can combine your cardio and strength training together to get an effective workout.

4. Limit Your Work-Related Screen Time

Work-life balance habits can be some of the most difficult to establish and keep. However, these are the habits we need to strengthen the most! In a survey of 142 full-time employees, those who check their work email all day reported higher anxiety and poorer well-being. When you aren’t at work, keep the screen time down or eliminate it altogether. If this isn’t a small step for you, try limiting your time on specific days first. Try Tuesdays & Fridays; then, gradually move to limit the time spent on work outside of work hours to more days of the week once you have mastered those two days.

5. Check Your Financial Accounts Regularly

Research shows that perceived financial well-being is a key predictor of overall wellness! Don’t get too crazy with spreadsheets, predictions, and unrealistic budgets; just start with just checking your balances weekly to help you stay accountable for your spending. Whether you are trying to pay off your credit card debt or watching your stock account rise (and fall), paying attention to your financials on a weekly basis can help curb overspending, unnecessary Target runs, and help you feel more secure. Experts suggest that by spending a small amount on the things you want, you’re more likely to stick to and succeed in your financial goals long term.

What healthy habit are you trying to tackle this year? Share with us here.